When friends come into town


When I have friends coming into town, I do a little prep that makes my time with them smoother and more relaxed.

First I find out if we’re having a meal together and if we are, I find out if it will be at home or out at a restaurant.  If it’s at home, I prepare any foods that can be made in advance and store them in the fridge until they arrive.  I also prepare some snacks that can be set out prior to our main meal together (whether or not it is at home or at a restaurant).

A fresh green salad and homemade blended vinaigrette can easily be prepared in advance, as well as rinsed and chopped veggies with a pureed dip. Easy to grab snacks such as raw nuts and dried fruits can be arranged on platters in clear jars, making it simple to see what’s what.

Just before my friends arrive, I set these items out on the table with some plates and utensils.  If they are hungry after their travels, they can make a plate or simply grab a veggie with dip or a handful of nuts until the main meal is served.

This is especially handy to do when your visitors are kids who are used to having a snack here and there.  It makes knowing what is available to eat so easy for them and their parents.

Why not try prepping some dishes before your guests arrive and see how enjoyable it is for everyone to partake in healthy, delicious, homemade foods.

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