AIP Recipe: Bone Broth


I routinely make bone broth in my Instant Pot Pressure Cooker.  Bone broth is rich in collagen, helping to heal our guts, nurture our joints and improve our hair, skin and nails.  And it tastes like your sweet Grandma loves you (you know what I mean and doesn’t it make you feel nice thinking of her?).

I aim to drink a few mugs of hot bone broth a week.  Here is how I do this:

  • When I am buying meat to cook at home, I also buy 2-3 pounds of organic bones from the butcher.
    • Any bones will do, but I favor beef marrow, chicken feet, necks, backs and wings.
      • Another practical idea is to buy a whole chicken to roast, shred the meat, then use the whole carcass for your broth.
  • I also make sure I have the following veggies to flavor my broth (this is optional but really makes broth taste delicious):
    • Onion, Garlic, Celery, Carrot, Mushrooms.
  • At home, I add all of the bones to my pressure cooker.  You may also use a slow cooker.
  • I add a chopped onion, a few garlic cloves, a few stalks of chopped celery, a few chopped carrots and a few chopped mushrooms.
  • I fill my pressure cooker with purified water to the “fill” line (about 10 cups in my pressure cooker).
  • I add a tablespoon of Braag’s apple cider vinegar.  Vinegar has been said to help extract collagen from the bones.
  • I also add about a tablespoon of Real Sea Salt.
  • Then I manually program my pressure cooker to cook for 1 hour (with the sealer valve closed).
  • After it reaches pressure and cooks for 1 hour, I let the steam naturally release for 1 hour.
    • If you are using a slow cooker, simply cook on Low for 8 hours, then allow it it stay on Warm for another 16 hours (24 hours total, your house will smell amazing).
  • And that’s it!  When I open the pressure cooker, I have several jars worth of hot, homemade, delicious bone broth.
  • I use a funnel with a filter to divide up my broths and store them in the fridge for about a week. 
    • I often freeze a portion in silicone ice-trays and use in my cooking throughout the week.

Bone broth is so simple to make and such a treat to sip on throughout the week.  Try making it at home for you and your loved ones, I know you will enjoy!

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