Mindful Eating #1: Mindful Eating Intro

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I am just going to jump right in and start sharing about mindful eating.  I know no other way.

Mindful.  Eating.  There is such weight in these two words (especially mindful), but it seems when used together they mean different things to different people.

For the sake of this blog series, mindful eating refers to being present in your body when you consume food.  Pretty simple, but possibly a new and life-changing concept.

Mindfulness (on this blog) is the act of returning to our very own body, everyday and every time we wander from ourselves (again and again and again), so it is difficult to define it as a specific way of behaving or eating (ruling out every diet on the planet).  While it is certainly trending as the superior moral and religious way to live (and eat), and while it does offer numerous mental and physical benefits, it always begins and remains as a very personal act, unique to one’s own experience and may look different for you today, tomorrow and the next.

That being said, I do want to spend a little time writing about what mindful eating is not (on this blog).

Mindful eating is not a set of rules that you can obey or not, submit to or rebel against or earn any right as an eater to boast by. Mindful eating is not religion to save you nor is it another diet to attempt and repent of, but it has surely been contained by these fantasies.

I find incredible relief in the idea that mindful eating is a discovery of one self’s beliefs about life through food and not a moral or religious destination to where we hold ourselves hostage.

So let’s start at the beginning of mindful eating. Our bodies. And food. That’s it. Whatever preconceptions you have about mindful eating, it will be helpful to let go of them in order to rebuild your own practice of it.  And certainly, whatever guilt and shame you carry about how you have eaten food, used food, avoided food, or whatever (about food), letting it go in order to rebuild will prove to serve you in very great ways.

It is curiosity and discovery, as eating is one of life’s most interesting practices, revealing more about ourselves and life than we have possibly dared to declare.

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