Hi, I’m Sarah Steffens, a Personal Chef based in Los Angeles, California, cooking delicious and healthy foods that help you feel your very best.

I specialize in cooking whole, real foods.  Think seasonal vegetables, grass-fed and pasteurized proteins and healthy fats (yes, fats are healthy, when you choose the right ones!).

While I commonly cook foods that are Paleo, Whole30 and Autoimmune Protocol friendly, I am most interested in cooking foods that make you feel your very best so I do not limit my cooking to only these approaches.

What foods help you thrive?  How can you achieve your nutrition goals easily and deliciously?  How can hiring me as your Personal Chef change your life for the better?

I am passionate about food that helps you.  My goal is to create meals that heal, strengthen and nourish you.

I have experience cooking in clients’ kitchens as a Personal Chef, catering film sets and events and meal deliveries.

Not in the Los Angeles area?  That’s OK!  I would still love to connect with you and help you on your journey to better health through food.  Whether that is by creating menus for you to cook yourself, staying in touch to make sure you are keeping up with your nutrition goals or simply listening to your wellness story and offering support and advice, I am here for you.

Here is what I can offer you as your Personal Chef:


Customized Menu Plans

Do you prefer to eat organic, seasonal, or local foods?  Are you focused on consuming particular nutrients?  Maybe you need to limit eating sugar, sodium or fat.  You tell me what your goals are and I will take the time and guesswork out by creating the perfect menu for you.

Kitchen Cleanse

It’s difficult to feel at ease in your kitchen if it does not reflect your intentions and goals.  Whether you are cooking at home, enjoying your Personal Chef prepared meals, or simply socializing with loved ones, it’s important to keep your kitchen sacred.  Let me come over to organize your kitchen as a space you finally feel at home in.

Grocery Shopping

Maybe you love to cook but you don’t have time to grocery shop.  Send me your list and I will deliver your groceries to you.

Personal Chef

As your Personal Chef, I will create customized menus for you, grocery shop at the stores you prefer and prepare your meals in your own kitchen.  When you are ready to dine, just open your fridge and find complete meals, made with your fancy in mind.

Contact me to learn more about how I can help you!


2 thoughts on “PERSONAL CHEFFING

  1. Caroline O’Donnell says:

    Hi, I would love to do the whole 30 diet, and have a chef for the first 2 weeks to help jump start me and my husband. I live in Pacific Palisades.


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