Paleo, Whole30 Recipe: Golden Milk Latte

Madeline Mackinnon’s Golden Milk Latte is sure to satisfy as the weather is cooling down and recipes for cozy comforts find their way into our kitchens.

Rich in anti-inflammatory turmeric and ginger and warming from spices like cinnamon and cardamom, you will definitely want to take out a few minutes to prepare this hormone-balancing tea elixir (I certainly enjoyed it!)


Read more about the benefits of this Golden Milk Latte over at Natural Hormone Healing!

Paleo Recipe: Blueberry Smoothie Bowl with Toasted Toppings

I’ve definitely gotten into the smoothie bowl trend that has taken over the Internet and on cafe menus just about everywhere.

Smoothies have been a great way for me to incorporate energizing adaptogenic herbs into my day, such as cordyceps and astragalus.  I enjoy a smoothie’s cooling effect on my body after an intense workout (though many smoothies actually have a warming effect, it just depends on what you put into them) and it’s really fun designing them.  You can’t mess them up.  Just blend a smoothie and top it with everything you like.


Blueberry Smoothie Bowl with Toasted Toppings

Serves 1



1 cup purified water (or your favorite nut/seed milk)

1 banana (reserve 1/4 of your banana to use as a garnish)

1/2 cup fresh or frozen blueberries

2 Tbs. collagen peptides or hydrolysate gelatin

1 Tbs. chia seeds (black or white seeds are fine)

2 Tbs. dried and unsweetened shredded coconut

1/8 tsp. vanilla powder

1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon

Sea salt to taste (I use about 1/4 tsp.)

Optional: 1 tsp. cordyceps powder

Optional: 1 tsp. astragalus powder

Optional: 1 scoop of protein powder (I recommend a grain-free protein)


Banana slices

Chia seeds

Fresh berries

Toasted dried and unsweetened coconut

Toasted cashews

Sprouted pumpkin seeds


Slice banana and add to a high-speed blender, reserving ¼ of the slices to use as a garnish.

Add the remaining smoothie ingredients to the blender and blend on high until all is completely combined.

Pour into a bowl and top with garnishes.  It may be helpful to allow your smoothie to set in the freezer for 5-10 minutes before topping with garnishes.

I hope you enjoy making your own smoothie bowl!